Drive-Thru ATM and Your Habit


The picture is taken in a drive-thru atm, located at Pondok Indah, Jakarta. Why is it so special about it?

First of all, the elderly need to get off the car, instead of using the atm without having to get off from the car. Is it wrong? Well no, but it missing the huge point about the accessability, the comfirtability – and most of all – the security itself. Because unlike other conventional atm, this drive thru atm does not have a private chamber. Tgus if the elderly decided to get off from his car, he us exposuring himself to the vulnerability of his own security. Both, for his unlock car and for his own atm withdrawal protection.

Secondly, most Indonesian people neglect their own (future) security, by not take the atm receipt with you. Why this important. Well, this is important for you guys who have large amount of saving. For those who have nothing left in your saving, the only risk you expose is only tge look of pity by people :). In this case, the elderly left his atm receipt, which I have to take it in order to take mine. I daw it in a glance, just to surprise myself that the elderly have nine digits of saving. I cannot imagine if someone else know it and have criminal motives, he/she can easily follow the elderly in such traffic in Jakarta. Moreover because the elderly drive alone.

In sum, please always take seriously about your own risk, threat and risk exposure could suddenly open simply because you provide such opportunity, not limited to people that already have criminal intention before.